Shayne’s Lady Lounge

Published January 2018

I can’t post about Shayne’s room without giving a big shout out to my Fantasy Football league for giving me all their money last season to fund it. Boom.

I debated whether or not this is an annoying post, but every time I walk by Shayne’s room, I smile. It’s not anything incredible, but the feeling is reminiscent of opening our gender reveal box and being incredulous at the first glance of pink.

And, this chandelier!

It’s Shayne’s great-great-grandmother’s, whom I very much loved and Shayne’s middle name honors. We believe the chandelier is from the late 1950s, and my mom and I were excited to wipe off years of dust so it can hang in it’s former glory. (I have childhood memories of reaaaally wanting to touch these crystals as it hung over my great grandma’s table! You bet I touch them unnecessarily almost every time I leave the room.)