Author: ashton

A Letter To My Daughter

Published January 2018 My Little Girl, We are getting anxious for your arrival. I know you’ll be joining our family soon, purely based on my polar opposite emotions: sudden, irrational worrying about really stupid things, followed by an overwhelming desire to lie down and not care, and back to the panicked feeling of unpreparedness that impairs my ability to just lie down…all during the consumption of

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Shayne’s Lady Lounge

Published January 2018 I can’t post about Shayne’s room without giving a big shout out to my Fantasy Football league for giving me all their money last season to fund it. Boom. I debated whether or not this is an annoying post, but every time I walk by Shayne’s room, I smile. It’s not anything incredible, but

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My Most Sunny Days Always Leave Me Teary

Published April 2017 There is a wonder I experience as a new mom, crossing new bridges as my oldest child does the same. My kids are approaching the real pearl of childhood. At almost two and three, the sleepless nights are behind us. My boys are both talking and expressing their own, hilarious thoughts, and I feel that new-mom isolation

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