The Most Groupon-y of Summers

I knew this was going to be an exciting week the moment I noticed a puppy swimming in our community kids’ pool.

Questionably sanitary, but...chlorine. Right?
Questionably sanitary, but…chlorine. Right?

I KNEW there was a little extra electricity in there air, and my suspicions of something out of the ordinary were confirmed when I looked at my phone and realized—I have Groupons expiring. A lot of Groupons.

I also have a cute neighbor trying to earn extra money.

It was like being rebaptized in the font of fun. A born again rebel, really bucking that “stay at home during naptime” system.

We went to Giada’s for brunch. I can’t remember the last time Brian and I even dined on a bowl of cereal together at home, so going to a nice morning meal together seemed a little…startling? Unproductive? Showy? Tantalizing? Awesome?

Straight Outta Snapchat
Straight Outta Snapchat

I went to get my nails done, but it looked like being in business was no longer their thing. (Refund pending.)

We ate shaved ice cream.

What's next? Mardi Gras?
What’s next? Mardi Gras?

We just kept going. We just kept being fun.

UnGroupon realted, we laid out at a hotel pool for couple of hours, because that babysitter was looking for work, and I’m so selfless.

Can't stop, won't stop. Possibly the first time I've laid by a pool alone since 2012.
Can’t stop, won’t stop. Possibly the first time I’ve laid by a pool alone since 2012.

Now I just have to take 5 spin classes over the next three days, and eat Indian food 30 minutes away…and then maybe delete the Groupon app from my phone.

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