Operation Unplugged

Every once and a while, there are moments of time in your life that are absolutely perfect. They are untainted by social media, blaring TVs, phones, music, and all the other noise of the world. I have found that in my life as a mom, I’m forced to slow down a little. Thankfully, that change of pace allows me to recognize these sweet, shining moments that I’m sure I would otherwise miss. As I rock my baby at night, as I watch him teeter through an isle at the grocery store, and as I glance back at him in my car’s rear view mirror and am met with a big, gummy smile, I get a split second of Heaven.

Tonight, I felt that absolute peace as I watched Brian and Gus play together at the park. A little league baseball game nearby provided a happy soundtrack for the outing. My son’s giggle, punctuated by the crack of a baseball bat, is a sound I’ll cherish my whole life.

At these moments, I don’t look at my phone. At these moments, I realize nothing else in the whole world matters, because my whole world is right in front of me, sliding down a slide. No amount of annoyance or irritation from the day can possibly be held onto if I want to be completely and absolutely absorbed in this moment; a moment that I know I’ll reflect on someday and always want to relive. I’m currently working on cutting myself off from my main distraction-my phone-so I can love more fully, feel deeply, be wholly present, and not miss those horribly time-sensitive, perfect moments during the dusk of my son’s babyhood.

(From a different night, with my phone.)
(From a different night, with my phone.)

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  1. Ugh, I feel the same way. On one hand I think it’s awesome to have pictures of cool things/events in your life… but on the other hand, you kinda ruin the moment by always whipping out your phone to capture it! I can imagine it’s even harder with a child. I think it’s cool that you can record memories like that in your blog- so even if your phone wasn’t out at the time, you can relive it here!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I didn’t even think about that! It takes the pressure off having my phone put away/making sure it has enough memory for more pictures! Haha

      1. As always I am touched by your message.
        I try to go back to my babies days….was I there? (no cell phones so that is a given).
        Did I give them enough love and attention?
        The years are fading. But I look at the people that they are now and the kind of parents they are and I think….
        YES I must have done something right.
        My grandchildren are perfect so the Lord must have been by my side prompting me to enjoy every minute being with this family.
        Love you Grandma England

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