A Wedding + Greyhound Prisoners of War.

My brother’s wedding was beautiful, and a road trip success! I was a little obsessive about planning the drive to Salt Lake City around Gus’s naptimes, but the sleepy silence from the back seat proved my paranoia was not in vain! Hallelujah.

Colby’s wife Amanda looked gorgeous on their wedding day. The drive was well worth the effort to see my brother so happy! There’s nothing like a wedding to remind you how special finding your love really is.


Mr. and Mrs.! Props to Colby for a sweet suit. No one usually cares about groomal fashion.
Mr. and Mrs.! Props to Colby for a sweet suit. No one usually cares about groomal fashion.

familypicat colby wedding

Gus had multiple wardrobe changes. He was already in his after party pants here.
Gus ready for the after party.

On our way home, we stopped to let Gus get out and stretch in Parowan, where we noticed an emptied Greyhound Bus. There was very little commotion for how many of its passengers were sitting around police cars. A gas station clerk informed Brian that there were reportedly weapons in a passenger’s bag, as well as a possible HOSTAGE SITUATION. What the.

We walked back to our car, and checked out the evacuated Greyhounders to look for Denzel Washington. All we saw were a handful of people lying down, and some chatting and eating sunflower seeds. A few looked annoyed. One older guy was dangling Crunchy Cheetohs in his mouth like they were cigarettes. Another reason Crunchy Cheetohs trump Cheetoh Puffs.

I was let down by the lack of chaotic outrage from the hostages, but we still took Gus’s picture to document his first truck stop adventure.

Captives not pictured.
Captives not pictured.
Happy to be home!
Happy to be home!

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  1. I really hope lots of Truckstops are not in Gus’ future. I see him more as a posh Nordstrom boy ; ) Ummmmm leave it to us to get into weird situations! Glad you made it out safe. And HOLY COW you look gorgeous. That dress is fabu!!

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE COLBY IS MARRIED!!!!! You look gorgeous as ever, doll: > hope all is well with you and your little family!

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