To Decorate or Not to Decorate the Back of the Christmas Tree

That’s always a dilemma at our house.

Actually, I’m the only household member who is concerned with the partial tree neglect. So, I JUST want to tell anyone else that might care that for the first time in Scurr history, the backside of the tree is being graced with a handful of spare decorations. We have a few to spare, because as new owners of our first-ever fake tree, we have less surface area to cover. (I’m missing my live tree a little.)

Another first for my household: Christmas photos with a mobile child.

How do all my friends have sweet, posed pictures with their children? Get real, you guys. Honey Boo Boo’s mom signing with Victoria’s Secret is more likely than that in our house. “The” picture has us all looking in the same direction, and that was good enough. Our photographer, Emily, has some raw talent to make even the wild pictures look endearing. And, since that’s the stage my little family is in, I’ll always cherish the shots of my real life. We are no Christmas card models, but I’m thrilled to have a handful of Gus in his natural habitat, doing his favorite things: being tickled and running away. Thanks, Emily!



Our photographer is a very patient miracle worker. Our photographer is a very patient miracle worker.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Those are beautiful photos. I LOVE them!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And the back of my tree is naked and it faces the window, so fail, but I just don’t have that many ornaments yet.

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