This Week’s Secret to a Successful Nap

I have a lonoooong few days of work ahead of me, so I’m wrapping up my evening flipping through pictures, reminiscing on all the delights of being in full mom mode these past few days.

I’m struggling with G starting to outgrow his daily nap. He and Roscoe finally have synchronized nap times, and keeping it that way is imperative to my 3:30/4:00 mental stability. Transitioning Gus from his still much needed nap to an occasional “rest time” has been frustrating, but the heavens smiled upon me this week.

A few days ago, I could still hear a lot of rustling in Gus’s room. My fingers were crossed that he’d fall asleep, but eventually, I went in to check on him.

He was all jumbled in his blankets with only his head popping out, a little contorted, but very stiff. And HUGE eyes.

“Hey bud, why aren’t you slee—Gus? What are you doing?”

“I’m a hot dog.”

Like I said, the giant eyes really added a nice effect.

His little stuffed animal Chuck E. had been included.


“We are cooking.” (I mean, not even a BLINK.)

It took everything I had to retain a naptime boss face. Upon request, I blew on them, re-wrapped them both in their buns, and VOILA! They (they, really?) fell right to sleep in their comfortable bun cocoons.

Solid nap times compliments of the Costco food court this week, and just another illustration of Costco’s applicability and welcomed influence in so many, many aspects of my life.

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