Should I Call This “My Boos” Like Everyone Else?

I would say this weekend was eyebrow raising, but I pay good money to make sure they don’t.

On Thursday, some tiny hands were “cooking,” but I realized too late that actual spices were being used. Since my floor was dusted with almost an entire bottle of oregano, vacuuming seemed to be the easiest clean up method. Right?

No. Wrong.

Now every time we vacuum, an unmistakably oregano scent wafts through our house.

We smell like blonde Italian enthusiasts, or an oregano dispensary.

The rest of the weekend, I worked.

My job, man. It’s the best, and I love it, but bouncing around on an emotional roller coaster from client to client for 12-14 hours is bound to give me some sort of figurative motion sickness, right?

I can usually handle the quick conversational turns and drastically different moods of each client. I try my best not to bring it all home, but this weekend was heavy. I got news of an unexpected death as I was walking in to do hair for a fun, on location bridal party, and the rest of the weekend followed suit. High highs and low lows, all jumbled together.

I’m ready to turn the page on a fresh (well…lightly seasoned), festive week, with all my energy focused on my guys and their Halloween costumes they don’t yet have…

img_1402pumpkinsguspumpkin (“Hey! That pumpkin DIED!”)

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  1. Oh I hear you on the emotional roller coaster during work. I experience the same conversations patient to patient. Some days are super hard and emotionally draining. There is a lot of sadness in people’s lives. I look forward to happy news mixed in to the sad.

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