I’m Worried My Brain is Just Decorative

You know, like a statement piece for my head. I was hoping my brain would work again after baby, but it’s still enjoying maternity leave, as demonstrated by my misplacing my car keys and driving to the grocery store with the spare…

Oh, hey. Found them.
Oh, hey. Found them.

…only to find them after I parked. They must have been hanging on and screaming, but stayed balanced up on my roof the whole ride! They weren’t even shut in the door. Man, I must have dipped into my good karma points for that kind of luck. I also have to congratulate myself for such smooth driving.

(I’d like to credit my unlikely but possible smooth driving to my parents, who made me learn with an incredibly obese driving teacher overflowing into both front seats, in a horribly embarrassing car with a “STUDENT DRIVER” light slapped on the top. You better believe the windows were not tinted.)

Anyway, luckily for my whole family, we haven’t been too dependent on my brain power and spend most of our days doing this:IMG_1060IMG_1372IMG_1625

You can interpret this as “nothing,” “being exhausted,” “looking homeless,” “cuddling,” or “being Gus’s house demolition audience.” Isn’t it a little unfair that the mind fog is thickest during the quick newborn stage you want to remember? After nine months of anticipation, wouldn’t it be nice to think clearly and remember every detail of your teeny baby? Thank goodness for pictures, and spare keys.

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  1. I can’t get over the keys….. the keys!! Your karma is incredible, they stayed there the whole time! How did I not know about the obese drivers ed teacher? You owe him.

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