If You’re Not Yet Fully Commited to Reverence, Here’s a Game for You.

We have had an eventful month at our house. I have lots to say, but it seems that every time I start writing, I just start flinging word-poo rants all over the place.

For now, we’ll just start with “It’s Sunday!”

Today, we went to church just mildly late, which is as close to on-time as we usually get with baby naps involved. I chose my outfit strategically to look like I had a Sadie’s date.

Brian and I forgot to pack any sort of entertainment in the diaper bag. Whoops. Gus, who is the 11-month-old Usain Bolt, happily ran laps in the back of the gym during a talk on reverence. His little strides were muffled by tiny shoes, so I let him run free, grinning, and proud.

During the 4th lap, I reminisced on other situations of irreverence. My fondest was a game some guys in my church would play when we were teenagers. It’s not totally appropriate for church meetings, but it IS silent, so…


-Sit behind a woman with long-ish hair.
-Each player (3-4 is ideal),one at a time, takes a turn pulling a strand of hair that looks unattached to the woman’s head. You know how girls have hair floaties all over the place.
-Whichever player pulls a hair that is not a straggler, and indeed, still growing healthily out of the woman’s scalp, loses. She’ll turn around when she feels her hair being plucked, and eye contact and a smile from the loser is key in the game. So much shame, so much immaturity, so much high school fun.

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  1. Where do I begin???? First look at that little face…bursting with mischief ready to pounce with his little Mohawk (where is his hatchet!!)
    Secondly, g’pa thinks that his mom looks like a Lass from the Alps with her cute braids! Love you all.

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