The Imaginary Uncle Keaton Returns!

My brother, Keaton, just got home from his 2 year LDS mission in the Frankfurt, Germany area! We are so thrilled to have him back home in Las Vegas for anther month before he leaves to school.

We have spent about a year preparing Gus for this moment, and the day my son could finally meet my super fun, sweet brother was highly anticipated in my eyes. The day of Keaton’s arrival, Gus had a look of recognition in his eyes when we talked about Uncle Keatty. He proudly responded with, “Heeeere kitty kitty kitty!” There was a lot of chatter about kitty kitties all day.

We waited at the airport with our signs, walking back and forth from escalator to escalator with all the limo drivers, waiting to recognize a familiar face in a suit. Chasing a little guy around a busy baggage claim, up escalators, and out of liquor stores (why are there so many balloons in there?) made the time go a whole lot…slower.

Most our photos.
Most our photos.
Wait, no, this is most of our photos.
Wait, no, these are most of our photos.

...and waiting...
…and waiting…

The guy we were looking for in a suit turned out to be a guy in lederhosen. There are no words to explain how your heart feels hugging someone you love after two years!

(Immediate Facetime with our brother in California.)
(Immediate Facetime with our brother in California.)

Even after hyping up Uncle Keaton, Keaton’s airport arrival didn’t hold a candle to the slot machines and luggage carousals. If only he had been a cat. What a let down.

Still, I think they’ll be buddies.

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