“Why are you dressed so scary?” (Mean Girls, anyone?)

If your iTunes library is like mine, you never know what’s going to play. It makes my wanting to go to both the Kanye and Andrea Boccelli concerts a little more understandable.

Am I headed to library story time?
Are we getting spiritual?
Are we robbing a 7/11?
Is it Christmas? (Always kills my gym vibe.)
Am I 80?
Am I white?

(I did some cleaning house after Gus played a 1999 Xzibit song in Hobby Lobby.)


The nights I don’t fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, my brain mirrors that same randomness found on my music selection. I can’t stop shuffling through the sporadic thoughts.

I would love to be in Maine for fall. I’ve never been to Maine. I’d eat lobster rolls every day. I bet Canadians have friends that live in Maine. What would I do if I ran out of gas driving to work? I wonder how many kitchen fires Pinterest has caused.

And every Halloween for the past three years, I’ve thrown this into the bedtime thoughts:

I want to be a dead doll. Can I do that makeup?

Get reeeeal. I can’t do that makeup without looking like a cracked out drag queen, but one Jessica Cannon’s got that makeup and body paint DOWN, and Eric Cannon documented the whole thing. It really happened. I am obsessed with the, “This is beautiful. No, it’s the creepiest. No, it’s pretty. No, it’s so scary,” indecisiveness. That’s why the idea has haunted my thoughts for years.

Thanks, Jess, for knocking that thought out of my brain’s bedtime playlist. You created something even better than I’d imagined!

(If we ever have a toy haunt OUR house, it would definitely be SOPHIE. You, know, the giraffe? She’s got some major motives.)






Like I said…Sophiiiiiie.

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  1. Spooky! What a talented friend you have!! I can’t stop laughing about the robbing a 7/11 music being followed by Lion King and Nsync Christmas. I also can’t stop laughing about Sophie. She does have motives, it’s written all over her posture and expression.

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