PS Easter was Nice, Though.

We celebrated Easter this weekend, but the holiday was overshadowed by a life changing, gut wrenching milestone in our family’s life.

Gus realized he can escape his crib/room during sleeptimes.

Lest you think I’m an adaptable, “I’ve got this under control” mom, take a moment to mourn with me.

It’s currently naptime, yet, as I write this, I’m feeling some eyes on me through the railing.

I don’t feel like I can even get footing to cross this bridge, because this little man is still up in the night. mamaandcoecoe
He has had two teefies, or TEETH, as you may pronounce them, so I’m opting to point fingers at teething rather than babies conspiring against me.

The nonconformist in question has moved down a few stairs and is letting me know quietly, with a proud grin, “Heyyy mama! I ‘wake!” But really, how could that hesitant enthusiasm not melt a mommy?

Let me get my Red Bull. Cheers!

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