I’ve Just Been Thinking. I Love Thinking, Like Olivia. On The Bachelor, You Know?

Sorry for my absence. I’ve been contemplating my New Year’s Resolutions this whole entire time. Now, February 10, I think I’m committed to at least two of them.

There would have been more, but 1.) apparently, I have to request permission from my HOA to house exotic animals, and 2.) apparently, I have, like, 45 sheets worth of personal flaws I need work on.

It became entirely overwhelming to edit my resolution rough draft, so I scrapped the whole thing. Save some for 2033, everybody.

My two are:

Read a new book a month, a Disney story. The original Peter Pan, or the Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. I’ve heard the originals are all a little morbid, dark, or disturbing. Isn’t most literature? I’m intrigued.

Slave my way through a weekly activity from my friend Doris’s book. Doris is one of my favorite people, and wrote a “daily devotional” style book with deep, thought provoking ideas for each day of the year. An example? Invite your friends to lunch at Costco to eat hot dogs.

Then, if I have time, I’ll do the normal people things, like, “Be a better person, save more money, be nice, don’t be fat, blah blah blah.” I’m just telling you now: I’m not going to make extra time for mediocre goals like that.

And here is a best  friend from a future post. Talk about a cliff hanger.
And here is a best friend from a future post. Talk about a cliff hanger.

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