The Jury is Still Out on the Existence of Mermaids, but Diet Coke Brownies LIVE!

Actually, they are regular Coca-Cola brownies, but I didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea with me throwing “Coke brownies” in the title. As a D.A.R.E. graduate of the 90s, I ensure we are a drug free home.

I solemnly made that vow for a D.A.R.E. pencil, because they ran out of shirts.

Have you heard of Diet Coke brownies? All you do is dump brownie mix in with 12 oz (a can, not bottle) of Coke (or Diet Coke). Your home will be filled with the aroma of true love, happiness, and prepackaged chemicals as the magic happens in your oven.
Coke bottles now have “find your name” bottles. It’s a sly joke of CocaCola’s to guarantee every bottle has been handled and shaken enough to cause a mushroom cloud, but you know what? My name doesn’t tend to come up often on generic “name” items, and lo and behold…there it was.


That little face! That little face!

Were they delicious? No. Not at all. They were rubbery with soggy bottoms, and the normal chocolate goodness was polluted with a muddy Coke after taste…but it was a fun baking trick.

Daddy and Gus saved Sunday by whipping up peanut butter banana cookies immediately after.

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Why Is Instagram So Full of Gems?

There are so many gems on Instagram.

“Just found these gems in my closet.LOL! LOL!”
“Ate lunch with this gem!”
“Looking through old pictures and found this gem!”

The only gems I’ve been interested in lately are locked in the Costco jewelry case.

Let’s keep this corner of the internet real.

I have a sweetie baby, and the most loving, patient, and extremely great looking husband. To be honest, life is pretty blissful right now. We both have to work hard, but we live in a pretty home and are proud of independently supporting our little family. As blessed as I feel, I’m far from perfect, have bumpy days, and I hope I never portray anything unauthentic via social media.

…because it’s exhausting looking at all your friends gems when you’re having a tough day.

I haven’t had Facebook in several years now, but I’m realizing my Instagram may need to go soon, too. Maybe I’m not cut out for the social media life. I had a stressful week last week, and it was killing me to be away from my little guy, but the bills! The bills! Each time I casually scrolled through my Instagram feed at work while clients’ hair processed, I was bombarded with everyone’s fabulous new clothes, vacations, girl’s nights, and floral arrangements from significant others.

I’m happy for them all, and their lives (and abs) look perfect! That’s wonderful. Still, something about hundreds of photos of people’s awesomeness unleashes weird, unidentified feelings in me. Personified, the feelings would look like the germs on Mucinex commercials. I start to get the, “Aww! I wish I were on an island with a filter to make me tan! I need to drink Starbucks in my car, so I can hold it next to the steering wheel logo with fresh nails! I need to be wearing a full face of makeup when I’m at home!” fever.

I know how ridiculous that is, but those are real thoughts. I’ve done a personal feelings inventory, and while none of them are jealousy, they are just the beat-yourself-up type that generally cause underground zits. Those are the worst.

Sometimes we do exciting things. Other times (my favorite times!), we play in a dry shower, and spend more time wiggling our fingers in the drain than combing our hair.
Sometimes we do exciting things. Other times (my favorite times!), we play in a dry shower, and spend more time wiggling our fingers in the drain than combing our hair.


Here’s to being an apathetic member of the social media world, living my own life in the moment, and clearer skin.

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When does food NOT solve a problem?

Trick question! It always solves problems!

Last week was one of those that started with me coming home from work with a spoon suctioned onto my dress with crusty peanut butter. I’m glad Brian pointed it out when I came home at 8PM, although I will say I felt betrayed that while at the last stop of the day, the grocery store employees refused to point that out to me (even after I depleted my bank account on their generic cereals and grocery store doughnuts).

That blur is a spoon sliding down my dress like  a glacier.
That blur is a spoon sliding down my dress like a glacier.

I would have questioned where the spoon came from, but I knew—it was from breakfast.

That led to more questions.

Things started looking up again after my friend Sarah brought to my attention the beauty of FREE kid’s quesadillas that are FREE at Café Rio FOR FREE! Seeing as Gus has no teeth, I get it all to myself as an appetizer!
I am sure a little rant will be coming later, but…I’m thankful for a new week, and grateful that each day I get to wake up to my little blonde guy, and little bit bigger brunette guy.

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